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Firestone Commercial Solar PV Roofing Systems Albuquerque New Mexico Upland Corporation

Solar PV Roofing Systems in New Mexico & El Paso


Ridgeline Supply proudly distributes Solar Photovoltaic roofing and solar PV roofing supplies from Firestone Energy Products. Throughout the world, rooftops are turning into solar power systems as building owners attempt to capitalize on the environmental and financial benefits of installing a PV system.


Ridgeline Supply distributes custom commercial solar roofing solutions, including:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Details & Specifications
  • System Engineering
  • Solar Roof Layouts
  • Solar and Roof System Contracting
  • Solar Service Agreement
  • Single Source Point of Contact


Firestone Commercial Solar PV Roofing Systems Albuquerque New Mexico Upland Corporation

Firestone Solar PV Roofing Systems

Your roofing system is a valuable asset that was designed to perform a critical function – waterproof the top of the building. More than likely, your roof was not designed to become the permanent platform for a heavy photovoltaic (PV) system.


What Can You Expect from Firestone?


A full Line of PV Products, including:

  • Crystalline and Thin Film Solar Modules
  • Ballasted and Penetrating Solar Racking Systems
  • Solar Inverters
  • Balance of Systems (BOS) Components
  • Solar Monitoring Systems


Things to consider BEFORE installing a commercial rooftop PV system:


  • Will the maintenance or eventual replacement of your roofing system disrupt the power output of your PV?


  • Who is responsible for paying to remove and reinstall your PV system during roof repair?


  • Has your current roofing system been fully evaluated as suitable for the traffic, weight and 25+ year performance of today’s PV systems?


  • Have you fully considered the risk of not having your roofing professional involved in the design and protection of your roofing system in its new role as the permanent substrate for your heavy, expensive and long-lasting PV installation?


Firestone Solar Roofing Commercial Building Upland Albuquerque


Firestone PlantinumPV Program

The Firestone PlatinumPV program provides a comprehensive rooftop solar installation that minimizes your risk, while maximizing your investment. The program provides owners with a choice of a Firestone top-of-the-line Platinum roofing system – select from EPDM, TPO, Asphalt or Metal – combined with a turnkey PV solution, for decades of undisturbed power production and peace of mind.

Backed by Firestone Warranties

The Firestone PlatinumPV program comes standard with a 30-year Red Shield® roofing warranty and a 25-year solar module efficiency guarantee. This combination qualifies building owners for the optional Firestone Solar Service Agreement, which alleviates overburden concerns by covering the removal and reinstallation of PV to investigate any warranted roof leaks.

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