Commercial Coatings and Sealants in New Mexico & El Paso

Ridgeline Supply represents industry leading coatings and sealants from GE Performance Coatings and Everest Systems to extend the life of commercial roof systems.

These premier products provide joint sealant, concrete repair, surface adhesives and wall coating solutions for construction and renovation projects. Ridgeline Supply also distributes commercial waterproofing products.

Everest System Coating

The Everest System Coatings line continues to be a leader in the protective coatings market, supplying a full line of roofing, architectural and industrial products.

Everest System Coating Products

Evercoat AC –Workhorse elastomeric coating for metal and single-ply restoration. Bleed blocking for reinforced asphalt.

AF Cleaner Concentrate– Biodegradable, concentrate general purpose.

Everprime GP– General purpose black primer, adhesion, to most substrate

Everprime SP -Primer for aged TPO, PVC or Hypalon. can be used for chalky surfaces.

Everprep – EPDM Cleaner/surface that provides industry leading adhesion.

EverFab – Combination of high strength properties and good elongation for exceptional thermal stress force accommodations.

Everseal – All-purpose high performance self-leveling siliconized urethane hybrid sealant for general maintenance and roof repair.