ICF Construction Supplies in New Mexico & El Paso

Ridgeline Supply distributes durable and economical Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) used to build high performance, solid concrete wall structures for residential and commercial building projects.

Contact Ridgeline Supply for these ICF products in New Mexico.  Flexx-Block®, Fold-Form®, Lite-Form® and Lite-Deck® are approved for both residential and commercial applications.

CF blocks create an easy and economical method for pouring insulated concrete walls. The benefits of building with Insulated Concrete Forms include:

  • Quick Delivery
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Fire Resistance
  • Wind Resistance
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Healthy Interior Environment
  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • LEED Qualified
  • Tax Advantages

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Construction

ICF construction is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete. The forms lock together somewhat like Lego bricks and serve to create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building.

Ridgeline Supply sells ICF Blocks that are light and easy to work with when building concrete walls from 4” to 16” thick. With ICF construction the insulting foam forms remain in place after the concrete is poured and remains in place as the exterior and interior building insulation. Continuous polypropylene strips molded in the block every 6” allow for easy attachment of interior and exterior building finishes.

The Flexx-Block and Fold-From insulating concrete form products distributed by Upland Corporation are pre-assembled and interlocking “building blocks” that consist of parallel planks of expanded polystyrene spaced apart with patented folding “webs” that fold flat for shipping and yield a significant cost savings in delivery to the job site.

ICF Construction Supplies in New Mexico & El Paso

Quick Delivery:  Ridgeline Supply maintains warehouse inventory of competitively-priced ICF blocks in popular core widths and all the ICF accessories required to build a complete project.

Affordable: Structures using ICFs cost a little more to construct, but are less costly to maintain and operate over their entire life-cycle than those built using conventional systems.

Versatile: Building with ICF is a cost-effective solution for building warehouses, office and retail complexes, multi-story industrial structures, and special-use buildings.

Adaptable: Create special shapes with ICF construction for a more customized look. ICF reduces the costs associated with concrete or masonry construction during cold or extremely hot weather construction.

Fire Resistance: Preferred for “fire” walls, ICF construction can achieve typical 2-hour fire rating on concrete walls with protected polystyrene or with removal expanded polystyrene forms.

Wind Resistance: Solid concrete walls formed with ICFs have proven to be the best protection against flying debris created by winds as high as 250 mph compared to conventional framed walls and hollow concrete block walls.

Peace & Quiet: ICF walls tested with extremely high Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings, providing superior resistance to sound penetration, and reducing outside sounds to a whisper.

Healthy Interior Environment: Zero air infiltration rates with ICF and concrete mean fewer allergens, mold resistance, and no off-gassing or harmful fumes.

Energy Efficient:  Commercial structures built with ICF and flat monolithic concrete creates a superior thermal mass property that yields zero air infiltration.

Environmentally Friendly: ICF products contain recycled pre and post-consumer polystyrene. Polypropylene web pieces are recyclable. ICF high-performance building components contribute to the conservation of natural resources and reduce fuel consumption over the total life cycle of the building.

LEED Qualified:  When LICF products are incorporated into the exterior envelope of a building, the energy efficiency and material properties can help contribute in 4 of the 6 LEED-NC categories.

Tax Advantages:  ICF construction qualifies for Federal and State Energy Tax incentives for energy-efficient building.