ICF Construction Products from Ridgeline Supply Co.

Ridgeline Supply Co. distributes these ICF products in New Mexico:  Flexx-Block®, Lite-Form® and Lite-Deck® are approved for both residential and commercial applications.

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Flexx Block

Flexx-Block® Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) incorporate recent advances in ICF technology to reduce overhead and labor on the jobsite. The pre-assembled 16” tall by 48” long Flexx-Block units include a distinct folding web that allows the forms to fold flat for storage, packaging, shipping and handling. Flexx-Blocks are available in 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” core widths, a new 4” tall “adjustor” block and all accessory pieces to efficiently build a complete monolithic Concrete wall system.


LITE-FORM® is a lightweight form system that utilizes extruded polystyrene. Lite-Form® is ideal for formed concrete work that will be stripped like stem walls and retaining walls, and the stripped forms can be reused many times. LITE-FORM® is also available with concrete cores from 4” to 16”.


Fold-Form® and Lite-Form® wall systems can also be panelized for fast track projects. Cold weather is not a problem with these ICF systems, since the insulated forms keep the concrete from freezing even in below zero conditions. The insulation also promotes concrete curing by reducing water loss due to evaporation. Fold-Form® in 4” to 10“ cores and Lite-Form® in 4” to 8” cores are readily available in Albuquerque — other sizes are special order.


Lite-Deck® is an insulated concrete deck system that can be pre-cast or poured in place. Lite-Deck® forms structural beam pockets that can be topped with 2”-6” conventional concrete slabs. Lite-Deck® can span up to 40’ and can be cantilevered out for balconies & decks.

Lite-Deck Tilt

Lite-Deck®Tilt is a versatile insulated concrete tilt-up wall system that can be pre-cast or site-cast in custom widths of 30’ or more and custom lengths of 60’ and more. Lite-Deck®Tilt insulated panels are available in half or full sandwich configurations.