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As one of the leading suppliers of architectural products to the construction industry in New Mexico and El Paso, Ridgeline Supply offers a variety of sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly metal roofing options. in New Mexico.


Available in a wide range of applied finishes and materials, metal roofs allow for maximum design freedom while providing long-term peace of mind . To create even more visual interest in your building, learn more about metal wall systems.


Firestone Metal Roofing Systems from Upland


Metal Roof Panels Albuquerque New Mexico Upland Corporation Ridgeline Supply

Firestone Metal Roofing Systems


  • UNA-Edge™ Metal Edge System
    Shipped as a full system with cleats, splices and fasteners included, the system is available in aluminum or galvanized (G-90) steel and in more than 30 standard colors.


  • Warranted UNA-CLAD™ UC Roofing Panels
    Available in copper, zinc and 31 standard PVDF-painted aluminum and steel colors, Firestone UC Roofing System Panels have a 30-year warranty and can be used with all Firestone Roofing Systems and Firestone ISO 95+ polyiso insulation.


  • Non-Warranted UNA-CLAD UC Roofing Panels
    Firestone UNA-CLAD UC-7 Snap-On Standing Seam Roofing Panel provides a 1″ profile which offers the designer the ability to specify and create high-profile features. These panels come in rolls, have high radius capabilities and can be curved for radius applications.


Firestone Metal Roofing Systems Albuquerque New Mexico


  • CLAD-GARD™ Metal Underlayments
    Firestone CLAD-GARD™ underlayments provide an ideal moisture barrier between the roof deck and the adjacent metal system. Providing a skid-resistant surface, nail resealability, high temperature resistance, corrosion protection, weatherproofing during installation and more, CLAD-GARD is a smart way to protect your metal roofing investment. 


  • Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems
    Ridgeline Supply NMFirestone Fluid Applied Metal Roofing Systems provide two restoration options that save money and conserve energy. Saving time, material and tear-off costs, these sustainable systems also provide reflective product options that lower cooling costs for your facility.