Metal Wall Panels in New Mexico & El Paso

Ridgeline Supply is New Mexico’s leading provider of Firestone architectural Metal Wall Systems for the commercial construction industry.  Rely on Ridgeline Supply as your single source for all your metal construction needs.

Fabricated METAL Wall Panel Systems

The Firestone UNA-CLAD™ product line features the highest quality metal wall panels in the industry, including: aluminum plate, honeycomb, aluminum composite and insulated metal panels. Call on Ridgeline Supply to help you select from the wide range of metal wall panel systems from Firestone.

Profile Panels

UNA-CLAD™ Exposed Fastener Profile Panels provide a traditional metal panel appearance. Choose from a wide variety of profiles, materials and rib patterns.

Firestone’s Delta Series offers a high-performance cladding system for use in architecturally specified projects. Firestone’s Delta Series panels are offered in a range of materials and profiles to meet the specific needs of your project.

Metal Roofing Systems

Firestone UNA-CLAD™ metal roofing systems allow maximum design freedom with a wide range of materials, widths and finishes. They are one of a variety of sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly roofing systems offered by our sister company Firestone Building Products.

Column Cover Systems

Architectural Column Covers available in either the UNA-FAB Reveal Joint System or the UNA-FAB Hairline Joint System offer a high degree of custom fabrication capability in round, square, rectangular and custom profiles.

Sun Control Systems

Unlike many products on the market Firestone/UNA-CLAD Sun Screens are custom-designed around each project’s requirements. Sun Screens are available in any imaginable configuration in a variety of finishes including painted aluminum anodized aluminum.


UNA-CLAD™ Soffit panels are manufactured in 3 styles: Flush, Reveal, and V-Groove to accommodate a variety of aesthetic designs. Soffit systems are available in copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or zinc. Firestone offers three soffit product options with individual profiles to compliment our metal cladding and roofing products.

Exterior Grills & Screens

UNA-CLAD™ Equipment Screens feature pre-fabricated components mechanically assembled in the field from standard UNA-CLAD™ systems. Equipment screens provide decorative screening, hiding mechanical equipment to improve the project’s aesthetic appearance. Equipment screens are available in four styles: Open Blade, Closed Blade, Vertical Panel, and Angled Panel

Flat Sheet & Coil

Firestone Metal Products offers sheet and coil products including painted steel and painted aluminum, anodized and mill finished aluminum, architectural grade sheet copper, bare galvanized steel, Galvalume, bonderized, galvannealed, stainless steel, and aluminized steel. 30 standard Hylar/Kynar 500 colors and custom colors are available.