Commercial Waterproofing in New Mexico & El Paso

Ridgeline Supply distributes commercial waterproofing supplies from global leader Grace to protect and restore commercial buildings, roofing, walls and decks from water damage.

Waterproofing, Wall Coatings, Cures & Liquid Surface Treatments

Grace formulates and manufactures specialty, high performance waterproof coatings that protect and preserve as well as improve the integrity, performance, and life of commercial, residential, and civil structures.

For more than 30 years, Grace Construction Products has been a leader in the advancement of waterproofing technologies and solutions. Grace combines innovative technologies and time-tested products to provide reliable waterproofing solutions for virtually all above grade and below grade applications. Grace’s high quality membranes and drainage composites are the basis for quality waterproofing systems, helping to protect structures from the damaging effects of water.

Grace Commercial Waterproofing Solutions

Grace offers a comprehensive array of high-performance waterproofing systems that provide a continuous barrier to water and are fully-adhered to the structure.

Pre-applied waterproofing system ideal for blindside applications, including slabs and zero-property- line walls. Patented Advanced Bond Technology™ ensures aggressive adhesion to concrete, preventing water ingress into the building.

The original peel-and-stick waterproofing solution. 50-year track record of successful installations around the world.

One-pass, fluid-applied waterproofing membrane. Conforms to complex details, providing a seamless, flexible and fully-adhered waterproofing barrier.

Complete drainage system, featuring sheet drainage composites and integrated high volume flow perimeter drainage.

Specially engineered hydrophilic waterstop that prevents water from entering substructures through cold joints of concrete walls and floors.